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Soy Candles – Long Lasting Fragrance
That’s Good For The Environment

Once you discover soy candles, you’ll never want to go back to old-fashioned paraffin candles again!  Even though they’ve only been around since the ‘90’s, soy candles are already developing a loyal following, Harvest Time hand poured soy candles from Gelluminationsand word is spreading fast.

The Fantastic Fragrance of Soy Candles

What’s so great?  To begin with, soy candles burn slower, up to twice as long as traditional paraffin candles.  Don’t you hate spending a small fortune on an expensive candle only to have it burn down to the bottom so quickly you feel you never got your money’s worth?  Soy wax not only burns slower, but cooler.  As a result, the candle’s scent is released faster and for a longer period of time.  I love candles for the warm ambience they bring to any room, along with a fragrance I’ve specifically selected.  It only makes sense to pick scents that last longer!

Clean Burning Soy

Long lasting and more fragrance are reasons enough to look for 100% soy ingredients in your next candle, but that’s not all!  You can burn your candles, and be kind to the environment.  Unlike petroleum-based, paraffin candles that produce soot and other byproducts when burned, soy burns cleaner. Look at the rim of a glass jar with a paraffin candle that you’ve burned for a while and you’ll see the dark, sooty residue.  What you don’t realize is that the soot is also floating around your home, landing not only on your furniture but also on you.  Even allergy sufferers, who can’t tolerate normal candles, often find soy a perfect alternative.

With soy you get a clean burning, non-toxic candle that’s biodegradable.  In fact, soy wax is even water soluble.  Why is that so wonderful?  Because it cleans up with soap and water.  Have you ever bought a candle because you love the jar it was in, but once the candle burned down, you could never get the jar clean enough for any other use?  Not so with soy candles. 

Whether you love jars, pillars, votives or tapers, there’s a soy candle for you, at comparable prices and with a wide variety of fragrant scents you’re bound to enjoy.

Recommended Merchant

Gelluminations – Specializing in soy and gel candles, you can’t find a larger selection anywhere.  This site permits you to combine your choice of scent and color, with over 13,000 combinations.  Their prices are great too!