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Seasonal and Holiday Candles Add Color
And Warmth Throughout the Year

With all the preparation that goes into decorating our homes for the seasons or holidays we often forget one of the simplest – and least expensive – decorator items: seasonal and holiday candles!  For just a Seasonal candles, holiday candles, Christmas candles, candle centerpiecefew dollars, you can bring the colors, scents or shapes of any season or holiday indoors.

Holiday Candles Make It Romantic

It’s easy to make Valentine’s Day even more romantic, with the aroma of roses wafting through the air from a delicious scented candle.  Treat your special someone to a luxurious bubble bath, surrounded by a glowing array of scented votives, thick pillars and tall tapers in soft shades of pink, red and white.  A heart shaped floating candle, drifting in a clear glass bowl, provides a constant reminder of your love that lasts long after February is over.

Seasonal Candles Bring Summer Fun

Once the chilly nights are past, you don’t need to pack up your candles.  From Memorial Day, to the 4th of July, and on through Labor Day, warm summer nights are extra special by candlelight.  Pack up the spices and bring out the fresh scents of honeydew and summer breeze.  Candles shaped like beautiful flowers, fruits or even vegetables offer color and texture for any room, celebrating the beauty of nature. 

Don’t stop inside; bring your candles outdoors to the patio!  Of course, citronella scented candles look great while also keeping the mosquitoes away, but you can add unscented candles too, and find a delightful assortment of candle holders especially designed for outdoor use.  Look for votive holders atop stakes to place in container plants and along garden paths.  You’ll feel like the twinkling summer night sky has been sprinkled in your yard! 

You can also find candleholders that will hang from trees, hooks or porch covers – the variety is endless.  Check out local nurseries that carry decorative items for many more ideas.  And remember, no matter the time of year, candles are never out of season.

The Perfect Fall

When the first chill of Indian Summer shows up, and leaves begin to turn, it’s only natural to think of pumpkins, and don’t forget the spice.  From Halloween’s Jack-o-Lanterns, to Thanksgiving’s pumpkin pie, candles add that extra special touch.  Even when there’s no time to bake, candles bring the scents of the season into our homes, filling the kitchen with cinnamon and cloves, spiced cider, or even fresh sugar cookies.

Winter Wonderland

Come Christmas, whether your tree is real or not, the smell of pine boughs can still fill the air thanks to pine scented candles.  Place snowmen and Santa-shaped candles on a shelf or tiny table for instant holiday cheer.  Add one of the holly berry spice candles as well, and you may find yourself remembering holidays of old, with family and friends gathering for special occasions. 

What makes those gatherings even more special?  The flickering glow of candlelight.  Perhaps you’d like to grace your dinner table with elegant tapers, but feel tied to traditional white ones.  With so many to choose from, why should you?  If your holiday décor is filled with rich reds and deep, forest greens, there are tapers to match.  Don’t limit yourself to just tapers on the table.  Fill a favorite heat-proof platter with pillars of varying height, and tuck some Christmas bulbs in around the edges for a sparkling complement.  Your festive occasions will twinkle in the candlelight.   

Don’t stop there.  The list of perfect holiday candle displays is as endless as your imagination: Luminaries along the sidewalk to your door, a mantle of flickering votives, subtle scented jar candles in the powder room. 

Finish the year with a special New Year’s Eve décor of shimmering silver and gold with coordinated candles in matching metallics.  Place a palette of assorted votives and pillars atop of square mirrored tile for a perfect centerpiece.

Candles bring the beauty of each holiday or season to any place you choose.  So always remember, when you’re planning your special décor, don’t forget the candles!

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