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Richly Scented Candles Make
Every Day Special

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I love the warm glow a candle brings to any room, but even more, I love the delightful variety of richly scented candles and the fun of matching the perfect fragrance for the moment.  Cranberry orange scented candles from IlluminationsWho doesn’t feel cozy with the smell of a sugar cookie scented candle on a chilly winter afternoon?  Maybe you prefer to light a cinnamon and spice candle while you bake your own cookies.  But why stop there?  With endless choices, you’ll easily find a scented candle for every occasion.

  • Selling your house but don’t have time to bake?  Light a pumpkin pie candle and your house will smell  just like home to visiting buyers.
  • Want to bring the beach into your office?  Try a sea breeze or fresh ocean scents.
  • Looking to set a romantic mood?  Pick a fragrant amber or patchouli and mingle in favorite floral scent like lilac or gardenia. 

Play With Candle Scents and Colors

Have fun with candle fragrances, mixing and matching colors and scents to create the mood that’s just right for the moment.  Spice up a Fourth of July party with the red, white and blue combination of strawberry, vanilla and blueberry votive candles.  Cool a hot August evening with the refreshing tang of lemons, watermelon and honeydew soy candles.

If you can’t find just the right fragrance, create your own by mixing multiple candles of various scents.  Mix lime and coconut pillars on a platter to remind you of warm island days.  Add in plumeria and imagine you’re in a tropical garden.  Or “plant” a bouquet of roses, gardenias and hyacinth to create the illusion of a summer garden all year long.

Try Soothing Aromatherapy Candles

Not only can we mix and match different scented candles to remind us of a favorite time or place, but after a hectic day we can use specific scents as soothing aromatherapy, the ancient philosophy that uses essential oils to promote well being and provide a therapeutic effect.  You can choose candles with the soothing aromas of lavender and jasmine for relaxation, or perhaps a meditative combination of orange and cedar wood.

Picking soy candles will make the fragrance last even longer.  Slow burning soy releases its scent faster and often stronger, and comes in a wide variety of aromas at affordable prices.

Whether you are looking for a festive, fruit scented candle to fill your house with the smell of apples, peaches and mango, or the sultry scents of mandarin patchouli and ginger pear to warm and stimulate a special evening, it’s always easy to find just the right scented candle for the moment. 

Recommended Merchants

Illuminations Jar Candles – Offers an amazing selection of scented candles, with both classic and unusual scents in delicately frosted jars.  Imagine delicate raspberries, fragrant hyacinth, or yummy vanilla drifting through your home!  Try their special scents for each season and holiday too. – Scented soy candles are especially known for the fragrance they produce.  With Gelluminations, you can not only choose the scent you prefer, but match the color to the room you’ll place it in.  There are over 13,000 choices of scents and colors.

For special occasions, try a personalized candle; great choices are available to celebrate new babies, friendship, birthdays and memorials.