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Recommended Candle Stores Online

We’ve searched the web and selected the following online candle shops because of their wide selection of fantastic products, great prices, and fabulous specials.  Enjoy!



The company consistently offers a huge selection of wonderful scented jar candles, pillars, tapers, and tealights, candle holders including wall sconces, and great gift sets.  Make sure to check out Illuminations for their seasonal and holiday candle selections, with special scented candles and beautifully designed candle holders to decorate your home or patio for each time of year   Their selection of wedding candles, including candles for bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, the wedding ceremony, the reception, and attendant thank you gifts.  There’s almost always a special deal for free shipping for orders over $75, frequently combined with a 15% discount on all items.


Candle Bay

Count on Candle Bay for an amazing selection of unusually filled candles, such as candles poured into a miniature bathtub or candles wrapped in leather, which make perfect gifts for men, women and teens.  Their choices in pillar candles are also amazing!  They have a nice selection of scented candles, both in jars and tins, including over a dozen soy scented candles.  Specialty candle offerings include kitchen candles (like the Pillsbury doughboy), rock n roll candles, Far East or casino candles.  If a wedding is in your future, check out their great shaped candles before you decide on wedding favors or attendant gifts.  In fact, check out their entire collection of shaped candles anytime you need something special.  Candle Bay also has several choices in fragrances for reed diffusers.   _______________________________________________________________________

100 Candles

You’ll find the best online selection of scented votive candles, pillars, tapers and electric candles at 100 Candles.  Their AromaZone gift sets, which come in decorated gift boxes, make wonderful gifts for the ladies in your life, while their sphere and globe candles are rugged enough to make any man happy.  100 Candles has a large selection of scented pillar candles with delicious fragrances like black cherry and cinnamon stick, but if you prefer scented jar candles, you’ll find some of the prettiest ones on this website.  If you’re looking for candle holders, especially taper candle holders or hurricane candle holders, you will probably find it at the best price possible on 100 Candles.


Discount Candle Shop

Some of the best prices for candles anywhere can be found at Discount Candle Shop.  From scented wax tarts to wonderfully shaped candles for virtually any holiday or event, you’ll find something special in this online candle store. Discount Candle Shop has the best selection of shaped candles, including food, sculpture candles, and especially animal candles.  Check out their wonderful selection of votive candle holders, pillar candle holders, and floating candle bowls too.  If you want to learn candle making, Discount Candle Shop has the best collection of kits and books and products to help you master the art.  If you already know how to make candles, you’ll find all of the candle wicks, dyes, waxes, fragrances, molds, containers and anything else you may need to make exactly the candle you have in mind.



This site’s offerings of soy candles is unbelievable – you choose the scent, you choose the color, and you decide if you want it to have a wick or wickless.  There are over 13,000 combinations!  And, as their name implies, this is a great candle store for gel candles too, including gel candles you can make yourself.  Gelluminations also has a thorough selection of candle making supplies, even soy candle making supplies.