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Candle Making Is Easier Than You Think!

Do you love collecting candles?  When you see decorative pillars and think to yourself, “I could do that, maybe even better!”?  Is there a combination of scents you’d love to try?  Then you are probably just the sort of person who would love making your own candles.  Candle making has become very popular, and with the ever growing resources out there, it’s easier than ever to get started.

It seems Beginners candlemaking kit from DiscountCandlealmost every store has some variety of candles for sale, but if you are a true candle lover, the temptation of finding just the right combination of fragrance, shape and color will naturally leave you wondering if you can do it yourself--and you can!

How to Begin Making Candles

Not sure where to start?  Opt for a kit that contains the basic supplies, including pouring pots and wax thermometers, the wax itself, and a small selection of scents and color choices – not to mention good directions for first time candle makers!  Once you’ve started, you’re sure to come up with many ideas of your own.  That’s when the fun really starts.

Candle making has never been easier, and the choices, while many, are part of what makes it so much fun. 

Choosing The Wax

Most candles today are made with paraffin, though soy wax candles are growing in popularity due to their ability to burn cleaner and hold their fragrance better.  You might even choose a gel candle with glitter and a sweet scent. Beeswax is so easy to work with that you can purchase sheets that only require the addition of a wick and rolling to create beautiful tapers.  Don’t forget bayberry or palm wax too.  But why stop there, when suppliers make it so simple to melt and pour your own wax, mixing scents and colors to match your vision. 

Express Your Style Through Color and Scent

There are a variety of ways to add pigment during the melting process; when and how you add it will depend on the dye you choose.  Fragrance comes in both liquid and solid forms, and beyond the seemingly endless choice of scents, you will want to consider what works best with your chosen wax, is easy to work with, and is “skin safe” (even usable in soaps and lotions).  Fragrance is added late in the melting process, just before you pour your candle.  But what are you pouring it into?  That’s your final decision.

Choosing your mold depends on how you will use your candle.  Do you want petite votives, thick pillars or tall tapers?  There are molds for all of these and more.  A container candle makes a good first choice.  Not to mention, you’ll be so delighted by the amazing choices of containers, you may never want to make anything else! 

Obviously, there are many aspects to candle making, but if you’re even just a little bit interested, it’s more than worth exploring.  You’ll find it fascinating and fun, and possibly even profitable! 

Recommended Merchants

Discount Candle Shop – You can find virtually everything you need for candle making on this website, including dozens of choices for fragrances, molds, wicks and candle waxes.  For beginners, there are also affordable kits and books that will teach you how to make candles.

Gelluminations – If you would like to make your own gel candles or soy candles, this company has exactly the candle making supplies you’ll need.  Their starter kits enable you to choose the fragrances and dye color combinations you prefer to customize your handmade candles.  If you’re an experienced candle maker looking for gel candle supplies or soy candle making supplies, this is the place for you.