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Select The Perfect Candle Holders
To Show Your Personal Style

Have you ever found a scented candle so perfect you couldn’t resist buying it, or received a beautiful pillar as a gift, only to realize you didn’t have the right holder for it?  Whether you’re rummaging through your home, searching local shops or shopping online, there are so many choices to consider that you’re bound to find Three inch plate candle holder for pillar candles from Discount Candlejust the right candle holder for the job. 

Candle Holders for Pretty Pillars

If pillars are your passion, the choice of candle holders seems almost endless!  Round pillars can sit atop glass or brass pillar holders, and even square pillars have a variety of holder choices.   The growing popularity in recent years of hurricane candleholders has resulted in an incredible variety from which to choose: large to small, clear or textured glass, and many even come with metal accents or wooden bases. 

Delicate Votive Candle Holders

Even your choices for the tiny votive run from formal to casual, simple to intricate. A single votive can be placed in a favorite, heat proof glass holder to add a little glow to any spot you wish.  But fill several matching glass cylinders and you have a set that you can line up along the mantle or cluster on a table top.  Tweak the look even more by choosing between subtle frosted glass or the sparkling look of crystal.  There are even tea light stakes, designed to stick in sand or gardens, to bring candlelight outside on soft summer nights.

Dramatic Hurricanes

The hurricane makes a wonderful centerpiece for dining or coffee tables. Fill the bottom with colored glass gems and nestle your candle in place.  Or, the next time you’re at the shore, collect some sand and shells to fill the bottom, and then nestle in a candle scented with the fragrance of ocean breezes.  What a wonderful memento of your trip.

Create Your Own Style

Prefer something contemporary?  Set a vanilla scented candle in a glass container filled with coffee beans: instant “latte”!  Or combine form and function with an Asian inspired, square pewter plate, with corners that curve up ever so slightly.  Round glass plates, some with ribbed edges to catch the wax, come in a multitude of colors and serve a simple, utilitarian purpose without compromising your décor.

Thinking formal?  If you don’t have your grandmother’s treasured silver candelabra, don’t despair of finding a treasure of your own.  The classic designs are still out there, but you’ll be amazed at what’s new.  From brass to wood, contemporary and angled, or soft and flowing, there’s a candelabra to match your personality, and fill a special dinner party with subtle ambience. 

Sconce candleholders are a new and creative trend.  Want the flickering glow but don’t want your candles front and center?  Or perhaps you have small children, or pets, and you’d like to keep your candles out of reach.  A sconce is the perfect choice.  Pick an iron work design for a more contemporary look, or check out the creativity of leaf and floral pattern work that’s become so popular lately.

Clearly, when it comes to picking the perfect holder for the perfect candle, your choices are as limitless as your imagination! 

Recommended Merchants

Discount Candle Shop – One of the largest selections of candle holders in one place we’ve ever found.  This site offers all styles and types, including simple beautiful votive holders, elegant candlestick holders, and unique ball holders and floater bowls.  Check them out for whatever size and shape you need!

Illuminations – Unique votive holders, including votive chandeliers, chains and centerpieces, decorative pillar holders, fascinating wall sconces, and bowls of copper and glass.

100 – This site offers very unique candle holders in glass, brass and steel.  Their selection of pillar pedestal candle holders, taper holders and tea light stakes is especially wonderful.