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Create a Special Mood With
Aromatherapy Candles Containing Essential Oils

Lighting a scented candle has always been a relaxing way to end a day, but now, with aromatherapy candles, Custom blended for relaxation, aromatherapy scented candles from Illuminationsit’s not only possible to relax but to inspire peace, passion, or romance! 

Essential Oils – The Key To Aromatherapy Candles

The extra special ingredient in aromatherapy candles is essential oils, which are the unique fragrance or essence of the plant.  Essential oils have been used for centuries for healing purposes, and though the link has been conclusively identified, a few studies have shown positive effects from breathing in these delicious scents. 

Choose Aromatherapy Candles by Scent or Goal

Each essential oil is associated with a specific, unique result.  Some candles are sold based on that goal.  For example, Illuminations sells beautiful aromatherapy candles with scents like peace, which mixes sweet orange, clove and cinnamon for relaxation and, well, peace.  Passion candles offer a delicate combination of ylang ylang and nutmeg to set the mood for romance, while Vitality candles blend peppermint with eucalyptus to energize body and soul. 

Other companies, like 100 Candles, offer a variety of aromatherapy scent combinations, enabling you to choose those combinations which make your heart sing.  I love the jasmine and lily or olive blossom and lilac mixes.

Enjoying Aromatherapy Candles

There are so many different ways to enjoy aromatherapy wax candles.  Fortunately there’s a huge number of choices, including pillars, jar candles, votives and even travel tins.

Of course one of the sweetest ways is to create a private aromatherapy spa; draw a luxurious bath, lit by unscented pillar and votive candles, with a single aromatherapy candle burning in the room.  Relaxing in candlelight is always peaceful, with the added bonus of essential oils from the aromatherapy candle to complete the mood.

Though many offices don’t allow you to burn an open flame, simply having a candle containing essential oils known to combat stress nearby can help you enjoy your workday.  Depending on your situation, you may even be able to heat the candle on a candle warming plate to release additional fragrance and benefits into the air.  It may even calm the cranky person in the next cubicle – you never know!  Don’t forget to pack an aromatherapy travel tin when you’re on a business trip, to help you have a good night’s sleep after a day filled with hurried meetings and power lunches.

When romance is on your mind, sensual aromatherapy jar candles can set the mood both visually and aromatically. 

Aromatherapy Candles Make Great Gifts

Everyone I know would love a gift of peace or vitality.  That’s why giving aromatherapy gifts are so popular.  Gift sets of a dozen votive samplers are available, and some come packaged in beautiful gift boxes and even hat boxes to make gift giving even easier.

Whatever your daily challenges or goals, there’s surely an aromatherapy candle which can help you through.  Start experiencing the benefits of aromatherapy candles today.