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Celebrate The Beauty And
Fragrance of Candles

What is so appealing about the amber, flickering glow of candles?  When you strike a match and touch the flame to the wick, you light the darkness, set the mood and perhaps even scent the air.

After a long day in our complicated world, why don’t we simply flick a switch to turn on the lights and leave it at Red Rustic Unscented Pillar Candles From Illuminationsthat? Perhaps there’s something so basically elemental about the light of a candle that brings us in touch with our core. Whether it’s a modest, homemade container candle, a favorite pillar, elegant tapers, or scattered fragrant votives, the light and warmth they shed create the ultimate ambience. 

With all the conveniences of modern life, we’re still drawn like moths to the shimmering flame.  Technology has created flameless candles, safe, simple and even scented.  They have their charm, but still, the genuine candle retains its uncomplicated pleasure.

Classic Elegance

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying the growing popularity of candles.  Imagine an intimate dinner for two warmed by a cluster of smaller candles of varying shapes, just enough to flush the skin with a golden hue and scent the air with a sensual musky fragrance.  Shop Now.

Scented Candles

A chilly day at work can’t help but to be cheered up with a warm vanilla scented candle, or maybe something in cinnamon.  A dentist puts a candle in his office to ease his patient’s tension; a coffee shop lights a caramel scented candle to cozy up the atmosphere and possibly even increase the appetite--and sales!  Even mom, at home with the kids, lights a candle to bring a cheerful feel and fill the air with a pleasing aroma while going through her daily routine.  Shop Now for Scented Candles.

Express Your Mood

There’s something especially glorious about making your own candles, choosing just the right combination of wax, color, fragrance and container to express yourself.  Whether you’re preparing a romantic candlelight setting, or need a colorful decoration for a special occasion, by creating your own unique candles you’ll have exactly what you want.

Wherever people gather, work or live, the candle is finding its way, again, into our lives. Burning a classic flame, candles still fulfill a basic element, bringing physical and spiritual light to our every day...and night.

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